Help Name Baltimore’s Baby Sloth, in Honor of International Sloth Day

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Just in case it somehow slipped your mind, we’d like to remind you that Saturday, October 20 is International Sloth Day. (That’s sloth the mammal, not sloth the mortal sin; apologies to everyone who got prematurely excited about spending all day on the couch watching TV.) In honor of the event, the National Aquarium is asking you, the public, to come up with the name for its brand-new baby sloth.

Along with raising awareness of unnamed, adorable baby sloths, International Sloth Day is intended to bring attention to illegal sloth trafficking in Central and South America. Perhaps funds from your International Sloth Day Celebratory Bake Sale should go to the AIUNA Foundation, which rehabilitates injured or sloth-napped animals and releases them back into the wild?

Luckily for Baltimore’s wee sloth-let, poachers aren’t usually an issue in the National Aquarium. But we can’t imagine it’s fun to be two months old and still lack a name! Come on, Baltimore — do your part. If you’d like some guidance for your naming attempt, remember that the baby’s parents are named Ivy and Syd, and her sloth cousins in the Aquarium are Howie and Xeno. Submit your suggestions between now and November 1; after that, a panel will pick four names for the public to vote on. The winning name will be announced on November 16.

Note to namers:  “While we have not been able to determine the baby’s gender with complete certainty, we believe the baby to be female,” said Ken Howell, the National Aquarium’s curator of rainforest exhibits. So gender neutral names might be the safe bet. What are your suggestions?

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  1. Thanks for sharing our contest with your audience. We cannot wait to see what the public chooses for our newest addition!

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