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National Geographic Traveler Spends 48 Hours in Baltimore — And Of Course, They Mention Beehive Hairdos



For the June/July issue of National Geographic Traveler, journalist Katie Knorovsky spent 48 hours in Baltimore. She found waterfront luxury condos, weird art, and of course the obligatory hons (just once, I’d like to see a Baltimore travel piece that doesn’t mention beehive hairdos. Is that too much to ask?). In Baltimore, Knorovsky writes, “Centuries of history loom large and a newly buoyant tax base adds gloss, while a mosaic of colorful neighborhoods, vibrant art and music scenes, and a deep-rooted sports culture still shines through.” True — but also, well, YAWN.

The New York Times Travels to Baltimore, Predictably Mentions Beehive Hairdos


The last time the New York Times travel section covered Baltimore, they portrayed the city as a Hon-tastic place full of “beehive hairdos and wacky museums.” Well, better than the Wire-retreads that the European travel sections tend to prefer, at least. But that was three years ago, which means our fair city is due for another travel treatment from the Gray Lady — and, hey, the one they just published this week isn’t half bad!