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Baltimore’s newest work of art celebrates ‘Schaefer’s Splash’

Photo by Ed Gunts.

Amid signs back in 1981 that construction of the National Aquarium might not be finished in time to meet its previously announced June 1 opening date, then-Mayor William Donald “Do It Now” Schaefer vowed that he and board chairman Frank Gunther Jr. would swim in the outdoor seal pool if the building didn’t open on schedule.

The aquarium did miss its opening, and Schaefer kept his promise, donning an old-timey bathing suit and clutching an inflatable rubber duck as he took a dip in the seal pool, going all the way under the water at one point.

Santa Drops in for a Few Dives at the National Aquarium


Santa Claus isn’t only a friend to reindeer and elves – he also has friends under the sea.

Watch: Diver Carves Jack O’ Lantern Underwater at National Aquarium

Courtesy National Aquarium/Facebook
Courtesy National Aquarium/Facebook

Scuba diver Josh Foronda is no ordinary pumpkin carver. This afternoon, he let his Halloween spirit lead him underwater at the Blacktip Reef exhibit at the National Aquarium, where he carved a jack o’ lantern while sitting at the bottom of a giant fish tank.

Baby Turtles Hatch at National Aquarium, and They’re Adorable

photo courtesy National Aquarium.
photos courtesy National Aquarium.

They’re called big-headed Amazon River Turtles, but they start out small.

The Aquarium’s Fridays After Five Just Got Cuter


Baby Sloth

catch of the day fish (2)If you think you’ve seen everything the National Aquarium has to offer, you’re clearly not following the baby sloth as closely as you should be. Baby Scout (pictured above) has finally started to break away from mama Ivy. And he’s even experimenting with hanging upside down—which we assume he’ll get pretty good at, since that’s kind of the main skill a sloth needs to have. And since he’s now gaining just a tiny bit of independence, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the aquarium’s Fridays After Five deal—when admission is only $12, and you can get in all the sloth ogling you can take.

Free Morning? Head to the Aquarium


The National Aquarium, Baltimore has announced the launch of Maryland Mornings, a new program to get state residents to take advantage of local attractions. Sponsored by the governor’s office and the aquarium, the new promotion gives residents eight dollars off adult general admission tickets and four dollars off child general admission tickets Sunday through Friday, before noon, now through February.

Meet the Blacktip Shark, Baltimore


Apparently a $74.6 million renovation wasn’t good enough for the Baltimore Aquarium – now they want to do another one. This week, Aquarium officials announced a planned $12.5 million coral reef exhibit, the beginning of a long-term rejuvenation project for one of the city’s biggest attractions. These fish-loving chumps just can’t get enough, can they?