Courtesy National Aquarium/Facebook
Courtesy National Aquarium/Facebook

Scuba diver Josh Foronda is no ordinary pumpkin carver. This afternoon, he let his Halloween spirit lead him underwater at the Blacktip Reef exhibit at the National Aquarium, where he carved a jack o’ lantern while sitting at the bottom of a giant fish tank.

Making a jack o’ lantern is no easy task as is. There are the stencils, the cheap carving kits with delicate, easy-to-break tools and the gunk to clean up, among other issues. These elements compounded make it difficult enough on dry land to make the finished pumpkin look just the way you wanted it to.

And yet, Foronda showed that not only can it be done with ease, but it can be done underwater (with scuba gear). The National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor broadcast his effort to the world live on Facebook. Over the course of 25 minutes, Foronda knelt down on the aquarium floor, took out his carving kit and shaped his Halloween doorstep decoration. There he sat, with hundreds of fish zooming by and slow-moving sea turtles floating feet away. Granted, someone had already cleaned the inside of the pumpkin for him, but that’s one of the easier tasks.

Evidently, this isn’t the first time Foranda has done this. Last year, he made a jack o’ lantern that wore a scuba mask, according to Capital News Service.

The end result this year? A legitimately spooky angler fish, complete with an attached underwater flashlight. It’s even better than a candle in that it doesn’t any melted wax mixed in with the pumpkin guts.

Foranda didn’t let any creatures bumping into him slow him down. As he meticulously carved his pumpkin, he showed his design off to the fish swimming around him. Some of them saw through his art, though, and proceeded to take bites out of it.

Watch the full 25-minute video below:

Underwater Pumpkin Carving!Happy Halloween from our Blacktip Reef exhibit! Tune in as our diver, Josh, carves his very own pumpkin LIVE.

Posted by National Aquarium on Monday, October 31, 2016

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