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What If Baltimore Dressed Up as DC for Halloween?



Beehive hairdos, Under Armour, Old Bay, and marble stoops: That’s what Washington, D.C.-based humor blog Rock Creek Snark suggests if D.C. were to dress up as Baltimore for Halloween.

Washington, D.C. Is the Nation’s Most Loveless City

Valentine via the Washington Post
Valentine via the Washington Post

Not that we have any interest in starting up another Baltimore-DC feud. But… well, it’s interesting, isn’t it, that our nation’s capital was recently named the country’s most loveless city?

Mayor SRB Talks Smack About DC, Its Mayor, Its Baseball Team and Possible ‘MARC Madness’

Photo via the Baltimore Sun
Photo via the Baltimore Sun

Both the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals have made it to the playoffs this year, which means it’s possible–though not necessarily likely— that this will be the year of the Beltway World Series. Talk about some serious DC-Baltimore rivalry. And Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake isn’t afraid to get in on the fight.

The Washington Post asked Rawlings-Blake and DC Mayor Vincent Gray a number of hypothetical questions about a Os-Nats match up. Both mayors are politicians first, and that comes across in their answers; SRB manages to work in sentences like “I am committed to improving our communities” into her answers. Fortunately, we’ve scraped away all the fluff; here are the best examples of (gentle, political) smack-talk by SRB from the WaPo’s interview:

If you made a bet on the World Series, what would you wager with each other?

“DC is Oh So Much Better Than Baltimore” — Oh Really?



Last week, Thrillist published a post enumerating “10 reasons DC is so much better than Baltimore.” It is, as several commenters have pointed out, clearly incorrect; the writer appears to have never ventured beyond the Inner Harbor, and has some funny ideas about what constitutes “good parties.” Without further ado, here is my 10-point rebuttal of things that Baltimore does better than DC: