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Lit Parade’s Special Spring Issue: Sterritt on Spike Lee, Michalski’s Magic Streak, van den Berg in “Vogue,” and More

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IVY10-e1350927055992Here’s the latest installment of Baltimore writer Joseph Martin’s Ivy Bookshop-sponsored column for the Baltimore Fishbowl, “The Lit Parade,” a celebration and thoughtful examination of the epic local lit scene that too often goes unreported, unread.

In the world of academic analysis, few things madden quite like trying to treat an artist’s entire oeuvre.  And that goes double for movie directors: even amongst the most stylish and singular of moviedom’s “auteurs,” like David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino, there are head-scratching incongruities (Lynch’s The Straight Story), conceptual clunkers (Lynch’s Wild at Heart, the Tarantino-scripted From Dusk ‘Til Dawn), money-grabs (Lynch’s Dune), or simple toss-offs (Tarantino’s smug addition to Four Rooms) with which to contend.  Unlike a painter or a writer, a director’s vision is subservient to cast, crew, funds, marketability, etc. — he or she is in a true artistic bind: a movie has to be sellable, critically viable, and a financial “hit” in order for a director to even keep making art.  What gets made is, ultimately, what can get made, a problem that’s led to many a messy, difficult-to-parse film corpus.

George Saunders Is Coming to Town…and Other CityLit Fest Highlights



Book lovers rejoice: your own local Lollapalooza is upon us — minus drugs and dancing. The 10th annual CityLit Festival happens tomorrow at the Enoch Pratt Central branch on Cathedral St. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each year Gregg Wilhelm — dogged CityLit Project founder — and crew present an ultra-impressive array of authors from Baltimore and well beyond, including panel discussions, readings, and writer Q&As. If you’ve never attended before, don’t miss the mind-blowing + free literary blowout that books an important author or two for everyone’s diverse interests.

Because the long day’s list can prove overwhelming, we’ll highlight a handful of our favorites, but the whole scene sounds really engaging – and you can grab the full list of events and room assignments here, courtesy of CityLit.