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Let’s Call Him the Baltimore Bandit


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They’re calling him the I-55 Bandit, since he held up a bunch of banks along the Interstate 55 corridor in Saint Louis, but since he’s also robbed Baltimore-area banks (and an Ocean City bank, and a West Virginia bank, and a couple of Tennessee banks…), they might consider coming up with a more accurate name. But I digress! The real question is, do you know who this young, robbery-happy man is?

Year-Old Harford County Bank Robbery Still Has FBI Stumped

National Bank of Rising Sun in Street, Md.

Robbing a bank is always a losing proposition, right? John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde — it catches up to you, right? Well, last year a couple guys thought maybe they could pull one off in Harford County without getting caught, and so far they have.