National Bank of Rising Sun in Street, Md.

Robbing a bank is always a losing proposition, right? John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde — it catches up to you, right? Well, last year a couple guys thought maybe they could pull one off in Harford County without getting caught, and so far they have.

According to the Sun, last November two men entered the National Bank of Rising Sun through the ceiling before employees arrived. After waiting in a utility closet, they threatened a teller with a knife to “force the employee to open the vault and took off with $50,000 in cash.”

The FBI suspects the men of having law enforcement or military backgrounds, due to the sophisticated nature of the robbery. Or it could have been the fact that one of the men explicitly stated to the teller that he was military.

Either way, apparently all else the FBI has to go on is that the suspects are young, atheltic white men who were wearing cargo pants and “‘Under Armour’ style shirts and work boots.” Let’s hope they haven’t changed their style at all.

If you’ve got any tips on the robbery, the FBI is offering $10,000. Call them in Maryland, 410-265-8080, or Philadelphia, 215-418-4000.