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So I Was Wrong: Mikulski to Chair Senate Appropriations Committee Instead

Sen. Barb Mikulski
Sen. Barb Mikulski

I was drawn in by the seductive logic of the Baltimore Sun‘s prediction that in the wake of the death of Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye, a series of promotions would put our own Sen. Barb Mikulski in a position to chair the Senate Intelligence Committee, but “in an unexpected move” — unexpected for the Sun, anyway — the first two senators in line to take over Appropriations turned it down, and the gavel fell to Mikulski.

If Dominoes Fall Just Right, Mikulski May Take Over Senate Intelligence Committee



Diminutive firebrand Sen. Barb Mikulski is the most senior member of the senate without a committee chairmanship. But with the recent passing of Hawaii Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, that is poised to change. In fact, it’s likely that Mikulski could find herself the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, could affect the outcomes of some pretty contentious national issues and make a difference in Maryland’s cybersecurity industry.