Diminutive firebrand Sen. Barb Mikulski is the most senior member of the senate without a committee chairmanship. But with the recent passing of Hawaii Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, that is poised to change. In fact, it’s likely that Mikulski could find herself the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, could affect the outcomes of some pretty contentious national issues and make a difference in Maryland’s cybersecurity industry.

But it’s not a sure thing. According to the Baltimore Sun, here’s how the dominoes have to fall: Inouye’s death left vacant the chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Assuming Sen. Patrick Leahy (who has first dibs) takes over, he will vacate his position as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Assuming Sen. Dianne Feinstein takes that spot, she will leave open the chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee. But we’re not quite there, yet. Sen. Ron Wyden would be in line in front of Mikulski to take over, but he recently became chairman of the Committee on Energy and National Resources, so he might just stay there. As long as all of these things happen exactly like this, Mikulski is a shoo-in for the job.