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I Too Am Hopkins: Hopkins’ Black Students Fight Back Against Ignorance

Photo by Georgina Edionseri

Student members of Johns Hopkins’ Black Student Union have taken to the internet to combat racism, ignorance, and plain old stupidity. Inspired by a similar campaign by black students at Harvard, the #ITooAmHopkins photo series shows Hopkins students sharing their personal experiences.

What Is It Like to Be Black at Johns Hopkins?

Photo by Will Kirk, homewoodphoto.jhu.edu
Photo by Will Kirk, homewoodphoto.jhu.edu

Baltimore is a majority-black city, but African-Americans are a minority on the campus of the city’s dominant educational institution, making up a mere 5.45 percent of Johns Hopkins students. And despite the school’s efforts to honor and support minorities on campus, it’s apparently still not the most welcoming place for students of color.

The school’s Black Student Union recently started using the Twitter hashtag #BBJHU to give bite-size examples of instances of rudeness, ignorance, offensiveness and/or general annoyingness that have taken place on campus. Here are a few of the most striking/absurd/frustrating/humorous: