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In pro sports first, the Orioles will wear a jersey with Braille lettering

Image courtesy of the Orioles

In what the team says is a first in American professional sports, the Baltimore Orioles will wear jerseys with Braille lettering during their Sept. 18 game against the Toronto Blue Jays, honoring the 40th anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind moving its national headquarters to the city.

Braille will be used for both the “Orioles” script on the front of the jersey and the player’s last name on the back.

Maryland Unveils Online Voting Machines for the Blind



New voting machines equipped with Braille will allow vision-impaired Marylanders to vote without assistance this year, satisfying a federal court mandate.

Yoga for the Blind

Researchers run a yoga workshop for the seeing-impaired in Alabama, similar to the ones being set up for Baltimore.

Yoga class is hard enough already; just imagine what it would be like to vinyasa if you were blind. Pam Jeter, an Ashtango teacher who’s also a researcher at Johns Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute, had a different idea:¬† maybe yoga would actually help blind people with balance, locating the body in space, fear of falling, stress, and relaxation. So she began arranging for the first yoga therapy study to focus on the physical and emotional effects of yoga for the blind.