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Cake Decorating Classes from Charm City Cakes


Charm City Cakes

catch of the day fish (2)Sad but true: not many of us are destined to celebrate our birthdays (or graduations, or weddings, or anniversaries) with an actual, bona fide Charm City Cake. Those confectionery works of art are just not everyday affairs, unfortunately. But that’s not to say that your homemade versions can’t have all of the decadence and creativity that go into the cakes that put Baltimore’s cake culture on the map. In fact, if you were to attend the whole slew of cake decorating classes that Charm City Cakes has this month, you may well be able to give Duff and company a run for their money by the time you’re done.

Ace of Cakes Star Makes Baltimore Proud, Even on the West Coast


Three Summer Collection

Although we miss having Duff Goldman and his Ace of Cakes crew here in Baltimore — Goldmand and much of his staff transplanted to Los Angeles a couple of years ago to found Charm City Cakes West — it’s good to hear that they’re still out there making Baltimore proud.

Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman Named U.S. Culinary Ambassador


Courtesy Bmore Media – Reality TV star and baker Duff Goldman ecently became a gastronomic diplomat, according to CNN.