Ace of Cakes Star Makes Baltimore Proud, Even on the West Coast

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Although we miss having Duff Goldman and his Ace of Cakes crew here in Baltimore — Goldmand and much of his staff transplanted to Los Angeles a couple of years ago to found Charm City Cakes West — it’s good to hear that they’re still out there making Baltimore proud.

Case in point:  When the owner of Gresham, Oregon’s Sweet Cakes refused to make a wedding confectionary for a lesbian couple because of his opposition to gay marriage, Duff stepped in. “You see stories, you hear stories and you always try to (think), ‘Well, what can I do?’ … I saw this story and thought, ‘Wait! I can do something. There’s injustice involving a cake. I can fix this!'” he told Today, according to North Baltimore Patch. Not only did the cake star offer to bake a cake for the couple’s wedding, but he also did so for free. (According to CCC’s website, the average wedding cake costs $15 a serving for a minimum of 50 servings — so this winded up being a pretty fancy wedding gift.)

Ace of Cakes was lauded for its support of the LGBT community by the Baltimore Business Journal earlier this year for its history of providing cakes for same-sex weddings in Maryland and across the U.S.

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