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Cheaters Are Creative at Maryland Casinos



Not long ago, we told you about all the sophisticated security systems in place to catch cheaters in Maryland’s new casinos. But that hasn’t stopped some enterprising folks from sneaking fake $100 chips into the Maryland Live casino.

Casino officials were quick to point out that the fraudulent chips were used at roulette, blackjack, and mini-baccarat tables, not in the poker room. Why does it matter? Well, the poker room is the casino’s pride and joy. According to the Washington Post, it’s regularly the second-busiest poker room in the entire country. And it’s about to break into the big time even more thanks to a $1 million tournament that started this week, and which will be featured on a new TV show called “Poker Night in America.” Which means they really, really don’t want anything to go wrong.

Don’t Try to Cheat at the Maryland Live Casino



If you’ve entertained the thought at trying a little high-stakes cheating at the Maryland Live Casino in Arundel Mills, here’s my advice: Don’t.

According to this weekend’s Washington Post story, the surveillance team at the casino is on par with its neighbors over at the NSA. The security team is 200-officers strong, and there are 1,200 cameras scattered throughout the casino.

Here’s How Horseshoe Baltimore Plans to Hire Local



Downtown Baltimore’s imminent full-blown casino, Horseshoe Baltimore (formerly Harrah’s), has agreed to make “commercially reasonable efforts” to award many of its 1,700 jobs to city residents. Now, to my mind, agreeing to make a “reasonable effort” is  far cry from actually agreeing to do the thing. But the agreement has a few more teeth than that.

Thanks to Question 7, Baltimore City’s Casino to Have Awful Name

An artist’s rendering, from back when it was going to be called “Harrah’s”

It was just going to be called Harrah’s Baltimore, but since the location will feature 80 – 110 table games (as allowed per Maryland’s Question 7) in addition to slots, Caesars Entertainment will be calling the casino by the brand it uses for all its table game sites outside of Las Vegas: Horseshoe. Horseshoe Baltimore, to be precise.

With the Referendum a Week Away, Dept. of Legislative Services Has Yet to Release Data on Gambling


When Del. Susan Krebs asked back in June for copies of all the data used by legislative analysts to argue in favor of a new casino in Prince George’s County, she was told “there wasn’t really anything.” That’s about $61,730 of nothing, as that was the final amount charged by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the consulting firm hired by the Department of Legislative Services to research the issue.

I See You, Maryland Live! Casino


I know I had some doubts about the recently opened Maryland Live! Casino, but after the results from its earnings this month, I may need to take my criticisms back.

A statement from the Maryland Lottery came out today that the casino, which opened June 6 at Arundel Mills Mall, pulled $28.5 million in its first 25 days. That’s more than twice what Maryland’s two other casinos took in – 8 million from Hollywood Casino Perryville and $4.4 million from Ocean Downs, on the Eastern shore.

Even though you have to consider that this was the casino’s opening month, that’s still a ton of money. And two-thirds of it goes to the state in taxes, most of which is supposed to be put into the state’s education trust fund. That’s a great deal for pretty much everyone – the casino’s investors, the people it created jobs for, the players, and the kids in Maryland schools.

The real question we have to think about now is what to do about the other casinos that are hoping to start up in Maryland. Is demand strong enough to justify building one or two more, or would that spread the casino clientele too thin? At least for the other two Maryland casinos the Maryland Live! opening doesn’t seem to have changed too much – Hollywood dipped 9.8 percent and Ocean Downs went up 16 percent.