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City’s July Fourth Bash Schedule: Volleyball, Music from the Navy Commodores and Fireworks


We have the deets for this year’s annual Independence Day celebration in the Inner Harbor.

Day of Festivities Planned for Mayor-elect Catherine Pugh’s Inauguration



Catherine Pugh’s inauguration as Baltimore’s 50th mayor will be marked on Dec. 6 with events in all quadrants of the city, starting with the official swearing-in at City Hall and culminating with a $100-per-person nighttime celebration at the Baltimore Hilton Hotel.

How to Milk This Super Bowl Victory as Long as Possible



Winning the Super Bowl should be like celebrating a significant birthday — it’s important to milk it for all you’ve got, and to make it last as long as possible. Who knows when we’ll get this excuse again? (Orioles 2013!!)

    The Dirt on Scapescape, Baltimore’s Newest Summer Music Festival


    Maybe because I want to look forward to when the oppressive heat begins to give way to the cool of the early fall, I’ve decided to focus on one of Baltimore’s newest late summer festivals, Scapescape. The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Baltimore tradition of Artscape send-ups (e.g. Starscape, Ratscape, Whartscape, etc.), and the festival was first organized last year filling a void left by the demise of Whartscape in 2010. But Scapescape’s main organizer, Dave Underhill, is careful to emphasize that the Wham City organized festival only inspired Scapescape in part.

    Either way, Underhill’s -scape continues the tradition of oversize, local-band-and-artist-driven summer blowouts, occupying stages inside and outside of the Windup Space and Metro Gallery, as well as various art galleries, August 30 – September 2. Of the 50-plus bands already announced (more to come!), Wye Oak, Celebration, Dope Body, and Arbouretum are among the bigger names. Unlike Whartscape (which I promise to stop mentioning), Scapescape draws from exclusively local talent.

    I interviewed the festival’s main organizer, Dave Underhill, who offered a little more insight into Scapescape’s beginnings, as well as what we can expect this year.

    What prompted the first Scapescape? Was it the end of Whartscape?

    Actually, what prompted the first Scapescape was the impending closure of the Gspot.  My friend and co-organizer Reuben Kroiz, who founded the venue, wanted to orchestrate a blowout festival to send it off.  He had just recently been to see my now-defunct band the Suits and asked if we wanted to play this with our friends in the now-(criminally)defunct band We Used to Be Family.  Since we were the first he asked, I offered to do one better and help organize the entire show.  As we were in a bar, also present were Dan Deacon, Ed Harris of Big in Japan, and Brandon Arinoldo of Sri Aurobindo.  I asked all three if they wanted to play a festival for the Gspot.  All were willing, and the show snowballed in size from there.  So a lot of credit goes to those guys for helping us get started.

    Graduation Gift Guide – Part II

    Collegiate Needlepoint Wallet


    Our high school intern and soon-to-be graduate Rixey Moore gives more ideas for graduation gifts for everyone on your list.  -The Eds.

    Smathers and Branson is the only known company to make collegiate needlepoint products. Its wallets are wildly popular among boys and can be customized by college. You can purchase one at smathersandbranson.com and they are priced at $115. A less expensive option would be a key chain, below, at $25.