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Today is the day: GSS Sidewalk Sale starting now through Saturday


The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived…it’s Sidewalk Sale time! Hurry over to Green Spring Station to indulge in sales of up to 75 percent off. More than 15 of Baltimore’s independent boutiques are participating in this not-to-be-missed sale offering something for everyone. A grand array of hot fashion items, jewelry, children’s clothing, linens, gifts etc. are currently on display with prices that simply cannot be ignored.The Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale is taking place Thursday (today!) and Friday from 10AM-6PM and Saturday from 10AM-5PM.

We stopped by early because we’re good shoppers like that. Here are some of our favorite finds:


This Michael Stars sweater can be found at Trillium and is a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe, especially when paired with jeans and brown boots. Originally $126, now $84. (Michael Stars is always great to find on sale, because one size fits all!)

Sneak Peek at the National Aquarium’s latest exhibit, The Blacktip Reef



The glass barrier is a newer and safer feature that allows even the smallest guests a prime viewing spot.

What was once a gray exhibit filled with gray animals has been transformed into a great coral reef of color, light and movement located deep in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It’s all part of the Blacktip Reef Exhibit at the National Aquarium, and Baltimoreans are in for a treat when it opens July 10. The new exhibit is really an experience, with visitors able to use educational technology to identify each organism inside the 260,000 gallon tank. Viewers can see demonstrations (thanks to the new diving platform) as well as feedings.


Up-close view of the synthetic coral. The reef is an exact replica of the real reefs in the Indo-Pacific and is hollow to cover the piping underneath. 

The coral is what makes the difference; the previous exhibit consisted of a sparse, sandy bottom and now it is filled with beautiful, colorful coral. The coral is synthetic, but as close to the real thing as you can get.  It is modeled after a real reef in the Indo-Pacific, but as opposed to live coral, it is flexible and not vulnerable to breakage by clumsy divers.


The coral in the shallow waters will attract the types of organisms that typically dwell in shallow water in the wild. 




The diving platform is a new feature that will be used for demonstrations. 

The exhibit will be home to a school of black tip reef sharks, rays, as well as 60 other varieties of fish and, of course, the fan favorite, Calypso, a 500-pound sea turtle. The animals all need to assimilate into their new environment and will be introduced slowly, one species at a time. (Calypso first, because she is the diva of the bunch.)


View from inside the cave. 

The National Aquarium strives to inspire its guests to respect earth’s waters after experiencing the Blacktip Reef Exhibit. It’s a must-see educational experience and, for many, the closest they will get to seeing a coral reef.  The exhibit can be seen from all levels of the aquarium and  will open to the public Wednesday, July 10 at 9 AM.

Facebook Follies: (Hit) Enter at Your Own Risk


Baltimore Fishbowl Intern Rixey Moore discusses the various social pressures teens face when Facebooking, and the double standard that stares them down. She will attend the University of South Carolina in the fall.

Facebook has become a wonderful mechanism for getting back in touch with friends, chronicling life and documenting our world in pictures. The average high school student has at least 500 friends and some have close to 2,000 (most likely having actually met about 300). For upper school students, it’s where we go to relive last night’s party, find out who got his or her license, who’s together, who broke up and who’s back together. It’s become the Mecca of high school life, or at least the water cooler.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Stepping Out


Most dads don’t get to be outside as much as they would like, and when they do get outside…it’s often to cut the grass. This Father’s Day, take dad outdoors to do something fun.

A crab feast is not just a meal…it’s an activity all true Baltimoreans love. What better way to celebrate your father than over crabs?! (He’s so crabby sometimes, you know.) Gibby’s on York Road in Timonium sells large male crabs for $56.00 a dozen.

Oh the Places You’ll Go: Local Seniors Share Where They See Themselves in 10 Years


It’s that time of year, when students across the nation are unleashed on the world to begin their journey toward their dreams.  Where do they see themselves in the future?  Local seniors share with our intern Rixey Moore where they see themselves in the next ten years. – The Eds.

Devon Hitt

“In ten years I will be living in Baltimore completing my second year of residency in general surgery and acute trauma care. My hours will be extensive but, I will be sure to also spend time with my friends and family.”- Devon Hitt, Roland Park Country School, University of Pennsylvania

Brendon Hudson

“I see myself putting my good work ethic and amazing Gilman education into all aspects of the restaurant business and climbing up the ladder of success!” – Brendon Hudson, Gilman School, Class of 2012, Culinary Institute of America, Class of 2016


Keyarra Howard

Graduation Gift Guide – Part II

Collegiate Needlepoint Wallet


Our high school intern and soon-to-be graduate Rixey Moore gives more ideas for graduation gifts for everyone on your list.  -The Eds.

Smathers and Branson is the only known company to make collegiate needlepoint products. Its wallets are wildly popular among boys and can be customized by college. You can purchase one at smathersandbranson.com and they are priced at $115. A less expensive option would be a key chain, below, at $25.

Graduation Gift Guide – Part I

Longchamp Shoulder Tote

Who better to guide you through your graduation gift purchases than soon-to-graduate Garrison Forest School Senior and Baltimore Fishbowl Intern Rixey Moore? Her suggestions are guaranteed to please every graduate on your list. Look for her three-part gift guide series every Thursday for the next three weeks. – The Eds

Longchamp tote bags are popular among high school and college-aged girls because they are durable and come in many colors. They’re the perfect go-to bag, and range from $120-$150 and can be purchased at Nordstom in the Towson Town Center.

Baseball’s Next Ripken



Gilman senior Ryan Ripken has lived in the shadow of his famous dad for 18 years, but the six-foot-five scholar-athlete is an accomplished baseball player in his own right.  Next year, he heads to the University of South Carolina, with its number one baseball program, to pursue his dream of professional baseball stardom and to take his place in the family’s baseball legacy.   

Our intern Rixey Moore asks Ripken about what comes next.

Is professional baseball your current career “dream”? And is it within reach?

Yes. That would be a dream of mine to be able to play a game that I love, but I know it’s really hard to achieve that goal. I just plan to work as hard as I can and see where it takes me.

Did your love of the sport come naturally or was it almost required, because of the environment you were brought up in?

Nothing was ever forced on me, my parents allowed me to do what I wanted to do.  It just so happened that I came to love baseball, basketball and soccer growing up — baseball is close to my family and me.

Garrison Forest senior and Baltimore Fishbowl intern Rixey Moore and her boyfriend Ryan Ripken pose for pictures before the GFS prom.

Briefly discuss your experience growing up in Baltimore, home of the Orioles.

I do love Baltimore and where I’m from. There are a lot of connections here, but I’ve been blessed to live a good life so far and be part of a lot of great things and go to a great school. Most of my friends I’ve known since I was six.

What are your academic interests?

I’m going into the business school at the University of South Carolina. I’m not sure what that will entail, but it’s a start. I think college for me will just be an important time to find out what I want to do just like it is for everyone else.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of baseball?

This year I’ve enjoyed being with my friends as much as possible because we all know next year we will be going our separate ways. I also really like just having family time at home, that is very important to me.

Does your legacy ever get in the way?

I try not to let it. I tend to tune it out and focus on the game. Your mind needs to be in the right place while you play. I’ve learned to cope and not let (what other people are saying) affect me. Sometimes it’s hard when people talk about me (during a game) or my family, and living up to my dad, but to me what matters is if our team gets the win or not, that’s what I care about.