CHANA Takes Leadership Role In Eradicating Elder Abuse in Baltimore City


Thanks to a recent grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, CHANA is now creating a model of collaboration in Baltimore City designed to eradicate elder abuse and provide justice for its victims.

The grant, given to only four organizations in the nation, allows CHANA, through its SAFE: Stop Abuse of Elders division, to administer a series of critical trainings to individuals in Baltimore City who come in close contact with potential victims and elder abuse cases. These trainings—which range from identifying elder abuse and applying the law to sentencing guidelines – will be offered to law enforcement officials, city prosecutors, city judges and victim service provides, such as adult protective services.

In Her Mother’s Memory: Amy Baum Chairs CHANA’s Race Against Abuse


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Filling the World with Love and Respect: Why Ellyn Samuelson Volunteers


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In the past month, a day hasn’t gone by without news of sexual assault or harassment allegations made by women, and a few men, who are finally feeling empowered to speak out.

Navigating School After an Adverse Life Event


Back to school season can be incredibly stressful but becomes even more complicated when a child is confronting an adverse life event. Whether it’s divorce, abuse, bullying or even a move to a new home, these events can impact school success.

Surviving An Abusive Relationship


When she married her ex-husband in 1999, Lauren,* a mother of three, never dreamed she would find herself needing the services of CHANA.

Technology and Stalking: Why We Need To Be Concerned


The numbers are staggering. Each year, more than 7.5 million women and men find themselves victims of stalking, resulting in serious emotional and physical ramifications.