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Menswear with a Feminine Touch


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Aysia Stieb, 18, From San Francisco

At Artifact Coffee

Hi. Are you a student?
Aysia : I’m studying photography.

Calm Before the Storm: Sassanova’s Pre-Sandy Sale


Who knows what Hurricane Sandy will bring.  One thing’s for certain:  next week will be a wash.  Why not make lemonade out of lemons?  Women’s shoes, clothing and accessories boutique Sassanova is giving 25 percent off its entire inventory, this weekend-only, at its Calm Before the Storm sale.  Get in before it hits!

Shop Sassanova, 805 Aliceanna Street, Harbor East, Saturday from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday from 11 – 6 p.m.

Double Dutch Boutique’s Awesome Fall Duds


Double Dutch Boutique in Baltimore

Double Dutch boutique in Hampden hardly needs our help. They’ve got a location in one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods, a wall-full of Best of Baltimore awards, and of course a seasonally-rotating selection of amazing clothes. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Double Dutch is that everything in the store (and windows) seems like a really stand-out, special piece. But whereas in some cases, a stand-out piece of clothing means a skin-tight, sequin affair in a print that could only match shoes that haven’t been invented yet, everything at Double Dutch manages to be that seemingly-impossible combination of both special and wearable.

Imagine a piece of clothing that you could wear both to work and on a date and not feel like you were compromising on either front. That’s the kind of thing Double Dutch seems to specialize in. Not only that, the boutique primarily stocks small, independent designers and loads of locally designed jewelry and accessories. Perfect for those wanting to support small and local businesses while looking as good as humanly possible. Not a big deal, of course. Just the way some  us like to do things.

Double Dutch Boutique is located at 3616 Falls Road in Hampden, Baltimore.

Get on the Bus: GoGo’s Retread Threads


 Gogo's vintage in Baltimore

Food trucks, schmood trucks. Give us clothing trucks! Or, clothing buses, really. Or actually clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry buses. And also can you make all of that stuff vintage? And can you make the person who stocks, decorates, and drives said bus be super fun to play dress-up and chat with? And also, can you make the bus show up at our favorite places and events—like farmer’s markets and neighborhood street fairs? Does this sound like too specific of a fantasy? If so, blame Stacey of Gogo’s Retread Threads for setting the bar this high for vintage shopping bar for Baltimore.

With such a great collection of unique goods, and a funkily-painted mobile store (yes, it is a repurposed school bus) it’s no wonder Gogo’s was just named “Best Vintage” by the City Paper. We’d been noticing Stacey and her bus for a while now (they’re hard to miss) at the Sunday farmer’s market, which is one of her regular spots. If you can’t make it to the Sunday market (though you should—it’s the best), you can also find her at the Towson and JFX farmer’s markets regularly, and stalk her and the goods via her Facebook page, which reveals upcoming stops.

Follow Gogo’s Retread Threads at: www.gogosretreadthreads.com

New menswear line: MINTLEN


MINTLEN menswear in Baltimore

Red carpet affairs, weddings, and prom nights always seem to bring to bring up the same perennial gripe: women have endless options for expressing themselves sartorially, while men must operate within a very narrow spectrum of fashion choices. A man who forgoes the plain navy suit in favor of a navy suit with (gasp!) nearly invisible pinstripes is seen as making a bold statement. Yikes.

Enter, MINTLEN, a fresh new menswear brand that debuted its first collection recently during Fashion’s Night Out.  MINTLEN’s designers are clearly pushing the envelope in offering men genuinely interesting clothing options. T-shirts come printed with provocative slogans such as “Luxury Kills” and “Cold Style Cruel Taste.” The “cut + sew” line features button-down shirts with asymmetrical detail work. The designs exhibit the attitude that making bold fashion statements can indeed be fun, cool, and manly all at the same time. The brand is based in New York — although the chief marketing director, Chris Warren, was featured in Sartorial Baltimoreal and is from Baltimore — but available here at South Moon Under in Harbor East, where Warren served as men’s department manager.

South Moon Under is located at 801 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD.

Hot Fun in the Summertime – Part II



Mint chocolate chip ice cream and white shorts: Some things never go out of style. All photos by Lee Kriel.

Summer style on a sultry night.

Hot Fun in the Summertime – Part I



All photos by Lee Kriel.

Our intrepid photographer points her lens at Annapolis on a beautiful summer evening this week to see what they’re wearing on the water.  Look for more pics next week!