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Mysteries Revealed: 19th-century Copycat Building safe gets cracked

The open safe in Spencer Grundler’s Copycat loft. Photo by Brandon Weigel.

Turns out an assist from Reddit was not required for Spencer Grundler to open the century-old safe he found in a hallway at the Copycat Building.

After consulting the messageboard in May for tips on how to open the 4-foot-tall black safe found in the hallway of the old industrial warehouse, a different lead to a professional locksmith, Advanced Security Safe & Lock, came through, and earlier this month, on the Fourth of July, the safe was cracked.

Copycat resident turns to Reddit for help opening a decades-old safe

An old safe found in the Copycat Building. Photo by Spencer Grundler.

Spencer Grundler’s reason for wanting a safe is, unfortunately, practical.

The freelance film and TV worker’s apartment in the Copycat Building was broken into while he was away camping. A safe, he thought, would be a great way to store some of his camera equipment, and he didn’t have to go far to find one.

“It’s been in the hallway there for as long as I can remember,” he said. “People have just ignored it.”

Protest Sculpture Defaced After Being Moved Inside


copycat buildA sculpture designed as a protest against Confederate statues in Baltimore was removed from a park. Once indoors at the Copycat building in Station North, the artwork was defaced with racist graffiti.

Breaking Bed

image via soda.com
image via sodahead.com

Baltimore writer and 2013 UB grad Nathan Dennies mourns the passing of his and his fiancée’s falling-apart first bed, as broken down as it was (on a nightly basis).

I salvaged the components of my old bed from the Copycat Building loading dock. I lived in that dilapidated, lead-paint filled warehouse for six months and saw the loading dock as a treasure trove. It was the area right by the dumpster where every starry-eyed hipster leaves behind what they can’t fit in the back of their Subaru. If you could handle the smell of stale beer, the loading dock provided nearly endless rummaging possibilities. I found all the art history textbooks I could ever need and began a VHS collection despite not owning a VCR or television. I even found a Burberry umbrella that I totally thought was real until a friend pointed out that Burberry isn’t spelled with two U’s. It was there amongst the crushed beer cans and trampled fabric that I found the pieces of my bed.