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Nathaniel Oaks, newly resigned Baltimore senator, pleads guilty to wire fraud

Image via broadcast from WBAL-TV.

Nathaniel Oaks, who officially resigned Thursday morning as senator for Baltimore’s 41st district, has pleaded guilty to two federal corruption charges.

Regardless of the verdict, the Gun Trace Task Force case is likely just the beginning

Former officers Daniel Hersl (left) and Marcus Taylor. Images via Baltimore Police Department.

A gray-haired man and a blonde woman left the courtroom as the prosecution was delivering its final arguments to the jury. The man looked at Det. Daniel Hersl and nodded. The woman appeared to be crying.

Sixth Member of Corrupt Baltimore Police Unit Plans to Plead Guilty Friday

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins is set to become the sixth of eight indicted Baltimore police officers from the infamous Gun Trace Task Force to plead guilty to federal charges, though it’s unclear which ones.

Another BPD Officer Indicted, Accused of Stealing Over $90K from Residents and Suspects

Sgt. Thomas Allers, via Baltimore Police Department

An eighth Baltimore police officer has been indicted in this year’s infamous Gun Trace Task Force racketeering conspiracy, and prosecutors say this one was in charge of the entire team for several years.

Poll: Marylanders, Baltimoreans Concerned About Government Corruption

From left: Gary Brown, Jr., recently indicted on illegal campaign donation charges; Gov. Larry Hogan, currently pushing for state ethics reforms; and Del. Dan Morhaim, recently reprimanded for his medical pot consulting work.

As Maryland legislators mull government ethics reform bills before the General Assembly session draws to a close, a new poll shows residents from around the state and in Baltimore specifically are concerned about corruption.

Gov. Hogan Proposes Anti-Corruption Reforms for Maryland

Courtesy Gov. Larry Hogan’s Office

Weeks after a pair of high-profile bribery and illicit campaign finance cases involving state officials, Governor Hogan has proposed a handful of measures to fight political corruption and boost government transparency.

Baltimore’s Serpico Awarded $42K in Suit Against the City



Preserving corruption among police takes an incalculable toll on a city. Turns out, it can also cost you some cold, hard cash.

Ex-Baltimore Cop Loses Supreme Court Case

Ocasio v. U.S. by Art Lien
Ocasio v. U.S. by Art Lien

Three years ago, a federal jury found former Baltimore City police officer Samuel Ocasio guilty of conspiracy and extortion for his role in an extensive kickback scheme involving police corruption, bribery, and a shady auto repair shop.

Baltimore DEA Agents Really Messed This One Up



The case against online drug market Silk Road was already crazy enough, seeing as it involved murder-for-hire and people paying bitcoins for heroin. But now the case has taken another crazy twist.