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Eater Picks Favorite Maryland Crab Houses


crab-300x199With the Orioles and Nationals facing off once again in the Beltway Series this week, the region is once again divided between Baltimore and DC. While there are plenty of reasons this rivalry goes deeper than baseball, it’s also in need of some ways to meet in the middle. How about steamed crabs?

Colonists Loved Pickin’ Crabs


soft crabs 6.3.12

Colonists and Native Americans didn’t need Old Bay. A new study says the people who settled near the Chesapeake Bay ate more crabs than previously thought.

What’s REALLY In Your Crab Cake?



Hot tip: If a restaurant advertises “Maryland-style crab cakes,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be chowing down on actual Maryland crabs. (I presume that “Maryland-style” just translates to “with lots of Old Bay dumped on top.”) This isn’t just a local issue; plenty of people have pointed out that restaurants tend to mislabel the seafood they put on their menus. But if a new state bill passes, restaurants will have to be a bit more honest about what they’re selling.