Eater Picks Favorite Maryland Crab Houses

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crab-300x199With the Orioles and Nationals facing off once again in the Beltway Series this week, the region is once again divided between Baltimore and DC. While there are plenty of reasons this rivalry goes deeper than baseball, it’s also in need of some ways to meet in the middle. How about steamed crabs?

For a good starter list of where to make peace with DC folks by the bushel, look no further than Eater DC’s list of Maryland crab houses. that are “worth the drive.”

“The truth is that Marylanders are blessed with a variety of crab house options,” writes Tim Ebner, himself a Marylander. “There’s really no need to pick a favorite when each experience has its own unique vibe.”

Five of the options are in neutral territory between Baltimore and DC, including Harris Crab House on Kent Island and Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn. And if you want to make a real day trip, there’s a couple spots in Southern Maryland.

See the full list.



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