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Art to Dine For 2014 from the Creative Alliance


Art to Dine For

catch of the day fish (2)This is how you know that fall is almost here. The Creative Alliance has released this year’s amazing line-up of Art to Dine For events. And we’re helping spread the word nice and early so you can get first dibs at tickets for some of the most unique and fun cultural offerings coming our way. If you’re not familiar with Art to Dine For, it’s the annual series hosted by the Creative Alliance, but taking place at homes and venues across the city and well beyond. Each event in the series features an incredible combination of arts & culture and epicurean delights in an unusual setting. Each event is totally different from the last, so you can select based on your tastes—both gustatory and aesthetic.

Charm City Ukulele Festival


Ukelele Music Festival

catch of the day fish (2)Summer is made of music festivals. You get your tickets and head out for the weekend with your sun visors, your cooler full of snacks and drinks, and your lawn chairs. And then you rock. Band after band, with light shows, pyrotechnics, and crowds of drunken, enthused music fans all around you. And yeah, that’s one kind of summer music festival. But next weekend’s Charm City Ukulele Festival might be just a wee bit different than that. Just an assumption. But that doesn’t make it any less exciting or, well, charming. Sure the “uke” is small, but its musical possibilities are huge, and its history rich and wonderful.

Ageless Grace Dance Performance


Dance performance

catch of the day fish (2)When you imagine a professional dancer, you probably imagine someone young, lithe, and with a kind of super-human control over their body that could only come from a lack of real world experience. And yet, in so many other art forms, worldliness and life experience are often the qualities that make a true artiste. Sure, professional athletes may peak young, but an artist—even one whose craft depends upon the abilities of their body—should be able to develop and refine their craft with age, no? Well that’s just what’s being celebrated this Friday at the Creative Alliance with Ageless Grace, a dance performance featuring professional and community dancers of a certain age.

Fireside Chat with Mark and Jonathan


Fireside Chat

catch of the day fish (2)This Friday night, why not settle in for something a little calm and cozy? Alright, maybe not that calm and cozy. The Fireside Chat with Mark & Jonathan is described as Ed Sullivan meets Johnny Carson. But we would add—with a 21st century twist. That is, it’s not your grandpa’s fireside chat. This sort of Vaudeville-talkshow mash-up features amazing people who do amazing things (and they’ll even do some of those amazing things right before your eyes). But not only do you get to witness such feats, you get to have a nice chat with them about it, too.  

Viva Brasil Carnivale Party at the Creative Alliance


Viva Brasil

catch of the day fish (2)If you thought that Baltimore was a city that didn’t get into the spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival, you just haven’t spent enough time down at the Creative Alliance around this time of year. Down at the Patterson, they throw a marvelous celebration full of samba beats to make you shake, shake, shake, and costumes so decadent you’re bound to forget where you are. This annual Carnivale party just gets bigger and hotter every year—and if you’ve never been before, make sure you finally make it this year.

Theater Classes for Kids at the Creative Alliance


theater big_0

catch of the day fish (2)If you have children at home, chances are you’re living with a ham or two. For better or for worse, kids are natural performers– though they don’t always have a keen sense of when and where showcasing their lack of inhibitions is appropriate. All the world’s a stage, as they say. But a great way to teach the young-and-attention-loving how to channel their powers for good is through theater classes. They’re a natural outlet for all your kiddo’s physical and creative energy. Particularly during the winter, when physical activity can be hard to come by, an acting class can definitely be the fix your kids need. Plus, who knows? Maybe you’ll find out that Hollywood may be where they’re headed. Could be. But first stop: the Creative Alliance.

Koleda Celebration at the Creative Alliance Tonight


Bulgarian Folk Music

catch of the day fish (2)We hope everyone is enjoying their snow day as much as we are. And sure it’s cold out, but a little bit of sunshine sure does turn a daunting winter day into the perfect opportunity for a winter frolic. But if things like sledding (or sliding around slick roads in your car) don’t exactly float your boat, might we recommend heading (carefully) down to the Creative Alliance this evening—where the rich a capella vocal traditions of renowned Bulgarian singer Tatiana Sarbinska and her group Orfeia, will be warming up the joint all evening long as part of a Koleda Celebration for the new year.


Christmas Jazz at the Creative Alliance


Jazzy Christmas

catch of the day fish (2)Have a snazzy, jazzy Christmas. Sure it’s not exactly how the old song goes, but maybe it should be. If you’ve had just about enough of the same old radio renditions of Christmas’ Greatest Hits, maybe it’s time to get into the holiday spirit in a new, more soulful, and a little less saccharine kind of way. Leave it to the folks at the Creative Alliance to bring us a holiday event with that perfect blend of quirk and class that calls to us. On Sunday, December 22, you can make their jazzy Christmas concert some of the last carol renditions you’ll hear this year—and certainly some of the best.

This Saturday: The Great Halloween Lantern Parade


Lantern Parade

catch of the day fish (2)Here in Baltimore, we love a good, local tradition. And the Great Halloween Lantern Parade has become one of the best and most loved ones to be created in recent memory. The lantern parade began as a humble event—maybe 100 or so people in 1999. Molly Ross (founder of Nana Projects) was a puppeteer and artist freshly transplanted from Chicago when she initiated the first ever Baltimore Great Halloween Lantern Parade. At the time, there was no way she could have imagined the institution it would become—or the size that it would balloon to. These days, the parade has grown to attract thousands of people—and encompasses so much more than just a parade—but it’s still good for a crisp night outdoors, a rich feeling of community spirit, and a veritable pageant of costumes and creativity on display.