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Film & Fashion at the Creative Alliance



catch of the day fish (2)Film and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Classic cinema particularly has always set our standard for glamor and class. In the original Oceans 11, the Rat Pack star as World War II compatriots who pull off the ultimate Las Vegas heist. If that’s not a place to draw your style inspiration from, what is? This Thursday, the Creative Alliance invites you to  suit and get your swagger on. See the film, dress the part, and enjoy an evening of inspired style.

Music from the Sole at the Creative Alliance



catch of the day fish (2)It’s not everyday that Baltimore is host to a world premiere by internationally renowned artists. But leave it to the Creative Alliance to bring us some of the most energetic and unique performance out there– well before it hits the bigger stages of New York. This weekend, Brazilian-born tap phenom’ Leonardo (Leo) Sandoval and American bassist Gregory Richardson will perform their new collaborative work, “Music from the Sole.” It’s a work born from their experience together as street performers in New York City, drawing on a variety of influences.

Acoustic Soup at the Creative Alliance



catch of the day fish (2)Call us old fashioned, but we like our soup unplugged. But seriously, there is something about soup that is meant to be enjoyed in a dimly lit, laid back setting without too much hustle and bustle. Ideally, it’s being served out of a giant cast iron cauldron over a roaring fire in a log cabin. But maybe that’s a bit much to ask these days. Second best? Getting to enjoy the culinary artistry of Chef Jeremy at the Creative Alliance’s Marquee Lounge while taking in a veritable smorgasbord of acoustic music, setting the tone for a lovely, low key evening.

The Creative Alliance’s 2015 Marquee Ball



catch of the day fish (2)The Creative Alliance’s Marquee Ball is always one of the grandest, and most fun events of the season. But this spring’s version may just be the ball to end all balls. But then, that’s the whole idea. The apocalypse is coming, and the Creative Alliance has invited all of your favorite arts survivors for an unforgettable evening of great food, drinks and dancing inside civilization’s last apathy-free zone. It’s a Mad Max themed event complete with all the end-of-the-world fashion, fun, and frivolity you’d expect in a post-civilization era.

Pysanky Egg Decorating at the Creative Alliance



catch of the day fish (2)Feel like getting a little more ambitious with your Easter eggs this year? If you’re kind of over that old PAAS set and its inherent limitations, you may want to move toward Pysanky– the traditional Ukrainian craft that’s been around for a couple of thousand years. It’s the art of decorating eggs with wax in a way that acts like batik. The wax keeps the dye from oozing all over the place, so you can make intricately detailed designs and keep your colors from running together. If your interest is piqued, we suggest you sign up for the upcoming Pysanky workshops at the Creative Alliance. Space is limited, so RSVPs are a must.

Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



Get Up & Go! Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrr. What happened to that nice January thaw we were so enjoying? Oh, right. Tomorrow is February. And with February comes groundhog prognostication, shopping for red foil-wrapped chocolates, and um, a lot more cold weather. But there’s no need for the coming weeks to be a bummer. Plenty of taste-makers around Baltimore have awesome events going on all week– so get out there and make the most of the shortest month of the year.

This Thursday, the Creative Alliance and Wear it Out Baltimore will present their first ever Fashion & Film series. There will be a runway salute to the little black dress, local fashion luminaries galore, and plenty of eye candy for fashionistas and cinephiles.

Speaking of the Creative Alliance, today from 12-3 they’ve got a valentine accordion book making workshop, perfect for parents, children, and Valentine’s Day enthusiasts of all stripes.

Then, after spending the afternoon crafting with the kids, the adults can head out to Serpent Ridge Vineyard this evening (7pm-9pm) for their Wine 101 class. It’s a great way to warm up, while learning everything you ever wanted to know about wine but were afraid to ask.

If you still haven’t solidified your Groundhog Day plans, for shame! We assume you probably don’t have Arbor Day dinner reservations yet either. No problem. You can party with the Baltimore Architecture Foundation at Peabody Heights Brewery from 5:30-7:30 on February 2nd. Really. It’s a Groundhog Day Party.

Oh, right. And then there’s that Super Bowl thing. If you’d rather start your revelry well before kick-off, head to Johnny’s for their “Blowout Brunch.” With all they’re offering, you won’t even need to go near that 7-layer dip come game time.




‘Wear It Out Baltimore’ Presents A BMore Spin on The Little Black Dress


Fashion-Postcard-5.5x8.5-P1_WEB (1)

The Creative Alliance, Bonneau Caprece and FoxxFara Studio are proud to present:



Thursday, February 5, 2015/6-10pm

Created to celebrate the fine arts genre of fashion with selected films and documentaries, acknowledge Baltimore’s emerging garment making and manufacturing industry with themed Wear It Out Baltimore (WIOB) showcase segments featuring area clothing and accessories designers, stylists, fiber artists, and clothiers.  

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club



catch of the day fish (2)So, Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club both is and isn’t what it sounds like. If what you’re looking for is a whole night of Elvis-on-Elvis action, you’re likely to be disappointed (but please let us know if you do ever stumble upon such a thing). But if you’re in the mood for some WWF-style spectacle fisticuffs between celebrity matches like “Godzilla vs. Bridezilla”, “Putin vs. a Unicorn” or our personal favorite, “Diane Rehm vs. Stephen Hawking,” this is certainly the event for you. Granted, the aforementioned matches come from last year, so you’re unlikely to see them again. But then, you get the idea.

The Great Halloween Lantern Parade


Halloween Parade

catch of the day fish (2)Alright, maybe you don’t even need us to remind you. After all, the Great Halloween Lantern Parade is now as much of a Baltimore institution as the lights on 34th Street. But at the same time, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say it loud and clear: GO! GO! GO! Don’t miss it! The lantern parade is just one of those things that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy and geez-I-love-my-city-ish. It’s free to attend, perfect for kids and adults alike, and you can be as involved (Bring a lantern! Bring five! Dress up! Enter a contest! Volunteer!) or uninvolved (Just show up and spectate!) as you want. Anything goes. Just make sure to come ready for some major good feelings and gorgeous visuals.

Celebrating Latino Culture at the Creative Alliance


Latino Culture at Creative Alliance

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore’s amazing cultural diversity is one of our city’s strengths. And part of living in such a diverse place is celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make up this place we call home. Sure, the US is known as a “melting pot” but it’s also important to take note of the things that make each individual culture unique. We don’t just melt into each other, we shine in our uniqueness and our differences are part of what makes us who are. And on that note, we’re thrilled about this month’s opening of Chicanismo y Latinismo, a group exhibition at the Creative Alliance that explores how the Chicano movement has continued to evolve by moving beyond its West Coast origins and expanding to include a multiplicity of Latino identities.