A BIG Introduction to Improv

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I had my first introduction to the Baltimore Improv Group, affectionately known as BIG, this past Saturday at their second performance of 2013 at the Mobtown Theater.  They were an absolute delight and oh how I envied the unadulterated joy on all the performers’ faces as they were in their complete element.  Every joke, every movement, every slight change in intonation was noted by fellow performers, and executed masterfully, right on the spot.

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Luckily, BIG looks out for all of us who may wish to test the improvisational waters.  Their introductory improv classes begin tonight at the Creative Alliance and take place every Tuesday night from 7-9pm through February 19th.  Advance registration is $170, $150 for Creative Alliance members. Walk-ins are $190, $170 for members.  The final show is a culmination of all things learned in the weeks prior, in a showcase for your friends, family, and any nemeses to which you may want to rudely show off your newfound talent.  Follow in the footsteps of such improv geniuses as Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, Bill Murray and Amy Sedaris.

Tuesdays from 7:00p – 9:00p

The Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

To loosen up a bit and learn just how capable you may be to make others laugh.

Tomorrow?  $190.  Which comes out to $27/week if you don’t miss a week.  Skip happy hour a few times, and you’re golden.  No excises!

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