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Elkridge Bakery Wins TV Cooking Competition with Epic Cake



Elkridge bakery Kupcakes & Co. is usually better known for their cupcakes–they make about 10,000 a week–but this week, it’s a wedding cake that’s got them in the news.

Baltimore Baker Jason Hisley Wins ‘Cake Wars’

Jason puts the finishing touching on his winning Willy Wonka cake.
Jason puts the finishing touches on his winning Willy Wonka cake. Photo courtesy Food Network.

Local pastry chef Jason Hisley has another accolade to add to his resume: winner of The Food Network’s  March 14 episode of ‘Cake Wars.’  Hisley, owner and executive chef of La Cakerie in Towson, is no stranger to competition.  Along with his recent Cake Wars appearance, he has competed on Cupcake Wars, Cutthroat Kitchens, and Sweet Genius.  While he enjoys the challenge and competition of the cooking shows, his Alleghany Avenue bakery and lunch spot make him most proud.

Flavor Cupcakery— Winner of Fox 45’s Cupcake Battle!



catch of the day fish (2)Attention all lovers of cupcakes, pastries, and epic battles: Flavor Cupcakery has yet another feather in their spun-sugar cap. This past week, Flavor trounced the competition in Fox45’s Cupcake Battle. We’re not sure who makes these things official, or how one gets appointed to the high court of buttercream evaluators, but it certainly seems clear that whatever honors one can bestow upon a cupcake (or its creator) are well deserved by Flavor and its owner Shelley Stannard.Flavor2

Cupcake Crazed


Midnite Confection Cupcakes in Baltimore

It’s election season; which means that almost 24/7 we’re bombarded with debates, discussions, and op-eds. Everyone has an opinion or an argument on at least one big issue (if not many), and it can be hard to find respite from the constant back and forth—opposing views volleying facts and figures. The world of gourmet cupcakeries is of course no different. Since cupcake boutiques began springing up in metropolitan areas a few years ago we’ve heard (or been a part of) countless discussions on the subject—and they can get as heated as the political talk going around this month. Why only serve cupcakes? When did cupcakes become something adults could openly care about? How did a veritable class of cupcake connoisseurs develop overnight? And okay, okay, where can I get one and how good is it really?

Our Dreams Finally Realized: Cupcake Camp!!


Readers, this is one you might want to jump on:  unlimited cupcakes. For free. Why not go register right now and then come back and read the rest of this post? As of this writing, there were only a few spots left.

Yes, Baltimore’s first Cupcake Camp is slated for this week, and it promises to be the ideal environment for anyone who has ever felt embarrassed or ashamed for how much they love confectionary. It is, as organizers describe it, “an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment.” In other words, it’s something of a cupcake potluck — everyone brings a dozen or so, and everyone samples. (What if your oven is broken/your dog ate your recipe book/you prefer eating cupcakes to baking them? Attend anyway! “While bringing cupcakes is encouraged, we need 11 people to eat a cupcake for every dozen,” organizers encourage.)

Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated, best tasting, best use of seasonal ingredients, best vegan and/or gluten free, and “most original.” It all goes down at the Blue Hill Tavern in Highlandtown this Saturday. Perhaps we’ll see you there? We’ll be the one with crumbs all over our shirt.