Elkridge bakery Kupcakes & Co. is usually better known for their cupcakes–they make about 10,000 a week–but this week, it’s a wedding cake that’s got them in the news.

For the Cooking Channel competition show Cake Hunters, Kupcakes owner Michelle Kupiec designed an epic wedding cake for a Virginia couple. On the show, people hosting an event (whether it’s a wedding or a family reunion) ask bakers to come up with a ridiculously elaborate cake concept–or cake sculpture, more accurately–and then select their favorite.

The couple asked for “a showstopper,” that both included flowers and reflected their story and that’s exactly what Kupiec came up with. The cake itself was seven tiers of sugary goodness, including a cookie dough/brownie flavor and edible 24-karat gold leaves. According to the Sun, it was full of little symbolic touches that reflected the couple:

To reflect the couple’s “outdoorsy” nature, the cake’s base was shaped to resemble the trunk of a tree. The cake featured a layer of candied flowers, which were inspired by the weddings colors of gold, pale pink, mint green and gray. A homemade sugar veil was created to replicate the bride’s dress. They also topped the cake with little candy figurines of the couple; the groom figurine wore American flag suspenders to honor his military background.

Wow. No wonder it won.