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Pre-Spring Arrivals and Pre-Inventory Sale at Party Dress Boutique, Fells Point


Party Dress Boutique

catch of the day fish (2)It does seem rather premature to be getting excited about spring. After all, we’re just barely entering January. It’s got to get worse before it gets better. We haven’t even had Groundhog Day yet. So for all we know, this winter is going to be a long one. But walk into any gas station or grocery store candy aisle and what has suddenly appeared? Cadbury eggs. En masse. They say that global warming is messing with bird migration schedules. Maybe it’s effecting seasonal candy suppliers’ internal calendars as well. But in any event, if you want a small way to remind yourself that spring will eventually come, you might do well to swing by Party Dress Boutique and check out their new pre-spring arrivals.

ABS Trunk Show at Fresh! Boutique… right now


ABS Trunk Show of Holiday Dresses Baltimore

Anyone not doing anything right now? If that’s you, throw on your what-I-wear-when-I-know-I’m-going-to-be-trying-on-clothes clothes and run right out the door to the trunk show happening at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique, (which might ring a bell as the winner of the “Best of Baltimore” spot for buying party dresses) is hosting (today) a trunk show with the ABS line from Allen Schwartz.  The line features a variety of dresses that run the gamut from day to cocktail style to evening wear—and they’re all perfect for the holiday season.

And in keeping with today’s themes of “Happening Right Now” and “Instant Gratification,” anything you buy at the trunk show you get to take home with you that day (er… today). No ordering, no waiting, no weeks of longing pouts directed at the UPS guy (unless of course you’re into that kind of thing). Any dress you try on today, you can go home with. Which means you could wear it out this weekend, or to meet the parents at Thanksgiving. Stop by any time today before 7pm for refreshments, door prizes, and a 10% discount on any dress purchased.

The ABS trunk show takes place today, November 15th from 12pm-7pm at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique is located in Green Spring Station at 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.

Introducing Birdie Blu Children’s Wear



Everyone knows what the first few weeks of school mean: very important fashion decisions. Perhaps your personal experience agonizing over what outfit most accurately says, here’s everything you need to know about me, is but a distant memory. No matter. When your eight year-old steps out of her bedroom in a carefully chosen combo of zebra-print leggings, knee-high Santa socks, and a gingham apron from the costume box, it’ll all come back to you.

Thankfully, the folks at Birdie Blu have created a lovely and versatile line of children’s clothes — all manufactured here in Baltimore on Wicomico Street — featuring a variety of charming dresses. They’re simple, fun, and sure to appeal to both the princess and the ragamuffin within. Perfect for building sandcastles, or simply holding court in them. And if you start to get jealous, don’t worry. Teen and adult lines are on the way.

Birdie Blu is recruiting sales staff for at-home trunk shows for its spring 2013 line. For more information, visit: http://www.birdieblu.com

Beating the Heat in Summer Cool


Lauren Mallon exudes quintessential Baltimore stylishness: funky but cute, off-beat but approachable. Love her summery green dress and the non-matching red shoes. It all works but in a not-trying-too-hard way. 

Her black lab Spencer is the perfect accessory for strolling Canton’s O’Donnell Square, where we spotted the savvy frockstar. 


We spotted your dress from across the square, where did you get it?

Every year I go on a business trip to Rhode Island. I got the dress at a little shop there called C.K. Bradley.

What business are you in?

I am in sports marketing so I have boxes and boxes of athletic apparel but I really love fashion.

Describe your personal style.

I love comfortable, classic clothes. I like fun prints. I love Trina Turk. My friend just sent me a box of Trina Turk dresses. I really love dresses. I also love a statement necklace. I wear a lot of J. Crew but I don’t like to wear things that everyone wears.

We were also digging the red shoes with the dress.

Actually these are my dog walking shoes!

What is your dog’s name? 


Where are you from?

I grew up in Towson but I live right here in Canton.

Signs of Style at an Early Age

Personal style can be learned, certainly, but some are born with it.  We thought pre-school sisters Ava and Lillian showed signs of a genetic predisposition when we spotted the two stylish little girls eating ice cream with their Daddy. Ava, 5, and Lillian, 3, may be younger than your average frock star, but they own their look.

You both look so pretty. I love what you’re wearing! Even your flip-flops match!

Ava: We both like dresses.

Who picks out your clothes to wear for the day, Mommy or Daddy?
We do it!

 What are you going to do this summer? 
Ava: Go to the pool.  Lillian: Go to the playground.
What’s your favorite thing to do when school is out?
Ava: Play outside!  Lillian: Dress up like a princess.
Lillian wrapped herself around her father’s knee as Ava giggled. A perfect Father’s Day photo op.