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Greenlaurel: Baltimore reservoirs’ Public Enemy No. 1—the Zebra mussel

Loch Raven Reservoir Dam. Photo by Laurel Peltier.

A pesky alien shellfish that wreaks havoc on waterways is getting closer and closer to Baltimore’s drinking water reservoirs. Zebra mussels, stowaways from Russia, were found last spring in Hyde’s Quarry in Westminster, Maryland.

“Baltimore’s Department of Public Works has been ever-vigilant about keeping these invaders out, but this was way too close for comfort,” said Clark Howells, Watershed Section manager for Baltimore DPW.

DPW: Baltimore maintains overall ‘excellent’ drinking water, by federal standards

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Even as auditors have spotted some major waste issues in Baltimore’s drinking water system, the city has some good news: The Department of Public Works’ latest annual report says the city still has very high-quality drinking water.

Baltimore’s Drinking Water Ranked the 10th Best in the Country

Image by Chihonglee, via Wikimedia Commons

For all of Baltimore’s infrastructural problems, our drinking water is first-rate, according to a magazine’s new ranking of municipal water systems.

What’s Happening to the 1.5-Mile Path Surrounding Druid Hill Reservoir?


Regular users of the path encompassing Baltimore’s historic Druid Hill Reservoir have likely found their activities disrupted by construction work in recent weeks. That’s all going to get much worse for the next half-decade or so, albeit for a noble reason.

Despite One Violation, Annual Report from DPW Says Baltimore’s Drinking Water is ‘Excellent’

Photo by Ángelo González

Officials say Baltimore’s drinking water is in good working order in a new annual report.

Filtering Baltimore’s Drinking Water: It’s Worth the Trouble


IMG_2895Charm City has darn good tap water which is so nice to know because more of us are hitting the tap and forgoing plastic bottled water.  You should also know it’s smart to filter your home’s tap water because it contains unavoidable chlorine byproducts that form between the water plant and your tap. The good news is that simple carbon filters help make your water healthy and tasty and many convenient options are available.