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Apple May Owe You Money



Maryland and other states sued Apple over e-book price fixing. Maryland customers will be now be splitting $9 million in credits.

Letter to America (from Mouth-Breathing Idiot)

image courtesy of The Rumpus

Goucher prof Kathy Flann describes what it’s like — for her and her “family” of local writer friends — to be wrapped up in the dream of writing the Great American Novel in the age of Kindle, Twitter, and Twilight.

In the past year, my writerly self-loathing has reached new lows. Or should that be highs? If I weren’t such a total mouth-breathing idiot, I’d know.

My agent has been trying to sell my first novel. These efforts yield a steady stream of rejections to my inbox. Editors have explained their decisions in a variety of ways. The plot/setting/character (circle one) is fascinating, but the plot/setting/character (circle one) isn’t quite believable.

The Blurred Girl: Baltimore Novelist Jennifer Keith Self-Publishes Debut with Subtle Style


Poet and fiction writer Jennifer Keith finished her novel The Blurred Girl last December in a blurry, extra-busy life mode, amid working her full-time job and caring for her terminally ill mom. Unfamiliar with the process of shopping a book-length narrative — and woefully short on spare time — she decided to publish her entire novel via an artfully designed author’s website, and hope that an agent and/or contract for book two would follow. I talked to her about the story, the publishing project, and the results.