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Dru Schmidt-Perkins Stepping Down as Head of Nonprofit 1000 Friends of Maryland

Dru Perkins-Schmidt, courtesy of 1000 Friends of Maryland

After nearly 20 years, Dru Schmidt-Perkins is stepping down as head of 1000 Friends of Maryland.

Didn’t Get a Raise So Far This Year? Blame Baltimore (Not Really)


“But wait,” you may be saying. “How can I blame the city for not paying me more if I’m not even a city employee?” Well, while the economy is still stalling out and wages are stagnant in many places, that’s not true everywhere. In Boston, for example, wages grew nearly 2 percent between the first and second quarters of 2012. But, according to data recently released by PayScale, not all metro areas are created equal. And we’re sad to say that this is one area in which Baltimore is merely average. (But at least we’re outperforming D.C. and Philly.)