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Ultimate Kids Day – Spend Your Last Day of Summer Break at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium


As the sun sets on the last days of summer and the kids begin to pack their backpacks with newly sharpened pencils and heavy textbooks, the all too familiar complaints of not wanting to go back to school surface.

The Last Days of the Summer Uniform


Katie, 16, and Kyle, 14, Callahan 

Brother and sister Katie and Kyle take advantage of the last few carefree days before school starts. Her cute flip-flops and bubble gum pink polish and his shorts and shaggy hair make us wistful for another summer gone by too fast. They look like two lost surfers.

In fact, he just came from football practice. She’s a gymnast with Rebounders.

We’re not getting the black-socks-with-shorts trend, but we understand it’s big with Baltimore upper school boys. Of course, we wouldn’t let our husbands step out in this look but, hey, it’s cute on Kyle.


Ready to go back to school?

Katie: No. I won’t see my friends as much.

Kyle: Too much work.


Do you like fashion? You are so little and lean!

I am a gymnast. And I love fashion — dresses, jeans tanks.


What don’t you like to wear?

My uniform. I go to Roland Park Country School.


How about you, Kyle? Nice socks! Fashion statement?

No. I just got out of football practice. It’s all I had in my locker.


Are you all ready for summer to end?

Katie: No, but I will be hitting the vault and the uneven bars and the floor!