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    The View from Halcyon Farm: Thinking of China


    There are worse things to be addicted to than china… there’s always China White. But our addiction to china is mostly harmless and isn’t going to bring down the kingdom, unless a shelf collapses. And it’s a good time to be thinking of china right now, with the holidays fast approaching.

    Halcyon Farm is filled with china of every shape, size and color! When you look at images of the house, you can usually see pieces of china peeking out at you.

    Christmas with china

    Here, you can see our collection of “Farmer’s Arms” china, a uniquely English china, mostly from the 1800’s. The pieces have farmers, sheaves of wheat, plows, and other farming implements on them, and are often brightly painted.

    Pigtown Design: Weekend Update and More Booze!


    A dear friend celebrated her birthday this weekend, so her son decided to have a birthday dinner for her. To take some of the burden off of him, we all pitched in to make something. I volunteered to make the cake for the dinner party and I will give you a little taste of it before I tell you about the rest of the dinner.