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Myra and Mom

image via weheartit.com
image via weheartit.com

Baltimore writer Gay Jervey remembers her mother’s most enduring–and exciting–friendship.

Not long ago, I received the news that I had been dreading for months: Myra Shannonhouse, my honorary Godmother, ally and bridge to so much that had come to shape me, had died after the long, wrenching free fall that so frequently accompanies illness, old age and the kind of greedy bad luck that just won’t back down.

All about My Father or “You Want It? Buy It.”



Baltimore writer Leslie F. Miller eulogizes her famously outspoken father Harvey Miller —  his mischief, his quirks, his immense generosity.

The rabbi asked the mourners to share a piece of my father — a memory, a story, a saying.  I was first to break the grief-stricken silence. “I am in one lane!” The parlor room at the Pikesville Hilton erupted with relieved laughter.

Of my father’s faults, bad driving was the worst. By the time of his death at age 75, he had dinged, chipped, dented, crashed, scratched, or totaled most of the following: a red Cadillac, a purple Valu-Vend station wagon, a silver LTD II, a gold Thunderbird, a black Lexus, a purple Lexus convertible, a black Mercedes, another black Mercedes, a white Audi, a black Murano, a white Mercedes, every General Motors car ever made, and an assortment of foreign sports cars, including a midnight blue Corvette, an MG, and an Austin Healey. His only auto regret was that he never got to damage a BMW.