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A Tale of Two Haircuts


Baltimore writer Elisabeth Dahl combs the files of hairstyles past to discover, among other sweeping truths, that “good flow” is genetic.

The other day, I took my 12-year-old son, Jackson, for a haircut at a Hampden salon he’d never been to before. He got what he’s been getting for a while now — a longish cut, a variation on the shag. In celebrity terms, you might say it’s a modified Bieber.

The Bieber (which Bieber himself has since abandoned) is most easily identified by long, sideswept bangs — the eye-grazing fringe that set a billion tween hearts aflutter. Jackson’s classmates — many of whom sport a Bieber variant but would rather soak a paper cut in vinegar than admit even a remote likeness to the Bieb — call this sideswept quality flow. Some guys have good flow. Others don’t.