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    Time to March on In



    Get Up & Go! 

    The worst of the Arctic blasts is surely over by now. And spring is fast approaching. Time to climb out from under that pile of blankets and get ready for gardening, getting out more, and of course dressing in clothes meant to be seen not-underneath a heavy coat. Let’s do it.

    First Fridays and Valentine’s Day Deals in Hampden


    Modest Florist

    catch of the day fish (2)It seems like just yesterday that we were strolling (or maybe more like pacing) up and down the Avenue hunting for holiday gifts for our loved ones. Now, Just a scant several weeks later, Valentines Day is upon us. But in our book, that’s just another excuse to come out for Hampden’s First Fridays, which are reliably brimming with great deals, delicious treats, and some of the most fun window shopping in the city. One great reason to step out for this First Friday: the Valentines Day sale at the Modest Florist.

    We love the Modest Florist for a few reasons—but mostly it’s their “locavore” style. The Modest Florist knows that flowers aren’t just here to beautify a table or an event—they are key to keeping honey bee populations alive, which basically keeps our food supply stable. By focusing on and promoting local flowers, the Modest Florist is helping to do just that. Plus, local flowers are beautiful and can be great reminders of how lucky we are to live here (particularly when winter starts to make us question that). If you come in and place your order this Friday evening, you’ll receive 10% off the price, but will still score about 8 million points with the recipient.

    First Friday in Hampden takes place this Friday, February 7 after 5pm. For moreinformation on the Modest Florist, visit www.themodestflorist.com.

    Atomic Books presents: KILL YR ’90S NIGHT!


    Kill Yr 90s Night

    catch of the day fish (2)Okay, try to follow our logic on this one. Over a decade ago, Atomic Books started and ran an annual night of music dedicated to reminding us that no matter what our nostalgic impulses said, the music of the 1980s was not really all that great (we beg to differ, but whatever). The event was called “I Hate the ’80s Night!” and featured, ironically, a line-up of local bands playing hits from the 1980s (no doubt proving how great that music really was—but again, whatever) . Well, after five years of hating on the 1980s, the good people of Atomic Books retired the night. After all, as they put it: “it’d be weird to spend a decade hating a decade.” Right. Haters gonna hate—but only for half the decade. Well, here we are, a whole millennium later, and the folks at Atomic Books have decided it’s time to remind us that our now well-worn nostalgia for the 1990’s is also misplaced. So what do we get? Kill Yr 90s Night!

    Hunting Ground’s One Year Anniversary Party


    Hunting Ground Party

    catch of the day fish (2)How many one year-olds do you know with impeccable taste, fabulous vintage clothes, choice pieces by independent designers , and a rotating array of carefully curated accessories? Probably not many (unless you had the pleasure of hanging out with the Jolie-Pitts or Katie and Suri (sorry, Tom) back in the early days.  But up in Hampden, we’ve got our own fabulous one year-old: Hunting Ground—the much celebrated boutique opened this time last year in the old church on Falls Road just north of The Avenue.  And we’re more than excited to help them celebrate their first year of business, this Friday.

    First Friday at the Creative Alliance


    First Fridays Creative Alliance

    catch of the day fish (2)TGIFF2013! Know what we mean? On the first Friday of every month, various happenings occur around the city—stores stay open late and galleries host openings and receptions. And this is the first Friday not only of the month, but of the year. So after last month’s non-stop shopping and rushing around, why not enjoy an evening of simply taking in some local culture at the Creative Alliance and grabbing a drink at Clementine’s bar while you’re there.