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MICA Professor Forcibly Removed from Southwest Flight at BWI Plans to Sue

Still from video shot by Bill Dumas, shared via YouTube

The pregnant woman who was dragged off of a Southwest Airlines flight at BWI Airport last week is pushing back against the narrative given by the airline, saying she didn’t actually tell staff she had a life-threatening allergy. She’s also arguing she was racially profiled.

Blue Angels Tear Across Baltimore Skies During Practice Flights on Thursday

Blue Angels Fly Over San Francisco/Courtesy of Blue Angels
Blue Angels above San Francisco/Courtesy of Blue Angels

Many here in the city were surprised to hear and see a handful of F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets flying overhead this afternoon.

Am I Ignorant? I Didn’t Even Know ‘Bird Strikes’ Were a Thing




There’s an article on ABC2’s website about a Baltimore-bound flight that was forced to do a 180 and return to Nashville “after a series of bird strikes threatened the safety of those onboard the plane.” Then the article continues to use the term “bird strike” like I’m supposed to have already known what heck that is.

The safety of commercial jet passengers is threatened by a few measly birds?! Is that really something that everyone besides me has known all along?!