Am I Ignorant? I Didn’t Even Know ‘Bird Strikes’ Were a Thing

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There’s an article on ABC2’s website about a Baltimore-bound flight that was forced to do a 180 and return to Nashville “after a series of bird strikes threatened the safety of those onboard the plane.”¬†Then the article continues to use the term “bird strike” like I’m supposed to have already known what heck that is.

The safety of commercial jet passengers is threatened by a few measly birds?! Is that really something that everyone besides me has known all along?!

It’s insane. The captain DECLARED AN EMERGENCY.

Apparently, birds are so dangerous that BWI employs a wildlife biologist to keep them well away from the airport. Precautions include putting riprap in drainage ditches to keep birds from using them for water and coordinating with maintenance workers to keep the grass height between 6 and 12 inches!

Birds makes it one too many flying fears for me. I really hate Amtrak, but I’ll do it. I swear I’ll do it. I’ll take the freaking train.

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  1. Yes. On this particular issue, you are ignorant. When, less than 5 years ago, a US Airways flight makes an emergency landing in the Hudson River because of a double bird strike and nobody dies, you’re supposed to remember it. Especially if you’re in the media.

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