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Baltimore Co. Warns Employees to Watch What They Say on Social Media

Image by Krassotkin, from photos by Gage Skidmore.
Image by Krassotkin, from photos by Gage Skidmore.

Baltimore County is dusting off a “rarely enforced” policy that restricts their employees’ behavior online.

Howard Co. Firefighter Terminated for (Technically) Saying He Wanted to Kill a Liberal on Facebook



The suddenly unemployed is Kevin P. Buker, recently a battalion chief with Howard County Fire & Rescue. Here’s what he posted to his Facebook timeline back in January (while working a 24-hour shift, no less):

“My aide had an outstanding idea …. Let’s kill someone with a liberal … then maybe we can get them outlawed too! Think of the satisfaction of beating a liberal with another liberal … its almost poetic….”

Then one of Buker’s Facebook friends commented on the status, giving the joke a vaguely¬†racist twist. Then Buker “liked” the comment and responded with an “Lmfao!”

Frederick Brewery Stands by Offensive Name in Lawsuit with Michigan Liquor Commissioners


If you’d been stalking me for a little while, you would have noticed that as much as I favor local beers I’ve never bought a bottle of Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery of Frederick, Maryland. And it’s not just because I find the overhopped India Pale Ale style too perfumy. It’s the name. The unappetizing Ralph Steadman illustration on the label doesn’t help either.

But if I lived in Michigan from 2009 to 2011 (another charming hypothetical!), I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to spot the beer in a liquor store, get turned off, and walk out with something else because until 2011 the Michigan Liquor Control Commission banned the sale of Raging Bitch in that state for its offensive name.