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Pick Your Own Stone Fruit at Baugher’s


Pick Your Own Fruit

catch of the day fish (2)And now, we suggest to you yet another day trip. But can you blame us? The dog days of summer can take a toll on both body (dehydration, heat rash, that weird feeling of being coated in a strange filmy layer by the end of the day) and spirit (sure, a few months ago we couldn’t wait for summer, but now we start wondering if it will ever end). Our best bet to beat the heat? Get out of the city, and surround yourself with either water or trees or both. Our favorite kind of trees? The ones that bear delicious fruit. And what kind of fruit? Um, the kind you can make pies and jams out of. And all the better if you get to spend the day picking them yourself, of course.

Vino Veritas: Confessing a Summertime Love for Sangria



Every summer, without fail, that first blisteringly hot and sticky Maryland afternoon, all I want is a pitcher of sangria.

I know. Don’t freak out, even I’ve had to learn to embrace this habit wholeheartedly (unlike my affection for tequila, which I normally keep on the down low). Critics and hard-core wine snobs may declare it a bastardization of wine itself, but when it comes right down to it, heavy red wine is not pleasurable to drink on a 95+ degree day. It just isn’t. And the goal of the perfect party drink is to deliver a pleasurable (and often alcohol-rich) experience to the consumer, is it not? So while sangria may possess little finesse, there certainly is much enjoyment and that’s what I’m usually after.  So let’s break this down two ways, one classic red sangria and one for those who, like me, are abstaining from alcohol this summer and must make do traipsing up and down the stairs to the basement to get ice out of the only freezer we have, a habit that will become increasingly precarious as I grow in girth courtesy of this pregnancy.

Sangria breaks down to a simple formula: wine, fruit, booze, and some kind of sweetener if you so desire. Don’t over think it, remember that what you’re trying to provide is, in fact, the best party beverage ever, and should therefore induce pleasure not only from that frosty, fruit-filled glass, but also in the process of its creation. So take a deep breath. Enjoy.

The Wine

Working for a Fruitier Baltimore


Los Angeles residents follow Fallen Fruit’s maps to find fruit trees on public property. Over on the other coast, the Boston Tree Party is celebrating the spirit of “civic fruit” by planting heirloom apple trees in public spaces. And now we’ve got our very own orchard activists launching all sorts of fruit-centric projects around town this spring:  the Baltimore Orchard Project.

Founded by a group of movers and shakers from the local sustainability and food scenes, BOP has two main projects:  to glean fruit from public places and distribute it to those in need; and to partner with individuals and organizations to plant trees, orchards, berry bushes, and grapevines to make sure Baltimore only gets fruitier.