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“Game of Thrones” Author Coming to Baltimore

Episode 6 scene 20
Episode 6 scene 20

My favorite fun fact about Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin: He drives a Prius with a Guns don’t kill people–George R.R. Martin kills people bumper sticker.

What Marylanders Are Illegally Downloading



Even though copyright holders don’t like it, illegal downloading is alive and well–and Maryland is no exception. Marylanders torrent about twice as many files per capita as West Virginia or Delaware. The states where illegal downloads are the most popular? Florida, Washington state, and Oregon.

But what’s really interesting is what Marylanders are choosing to torrent. According to Movoto’s data-crunching, we are apparently fans of Russian gangster movies, medieval fantasy epics, and hacker video games.

Why is the Weather So Weird on Game of Thrones? Johns Hopkins Grad Students Have a Complicated Answer…


In HBO’s gory, sword-porn epic Game of Thrones (based on the novels by George R.R. Martin), the seasons are all out of whack:  summer lasts a decade, and everyone’s always ominously intoning that winter is coming. Most fans just shrug and accept the rules of the fantasy universe, but one dedicated group of Johns Hopkins graduate students has taken things a bit farther:  they’ve come up with an astronomical justification for the weird weather, complete with charts, equations, and footnotes.