What Marylanders Are Illegally Downloading

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Even though copyright holders don’t like it, illegal downloading is alive and well–and Maryland is no exception. Marylanders torrent about twice as many files per capita as West Virginia or Delaware. The states where illegal downloads are the most popular? Florida, Washington state, and Oregon.

But what’s really interesting is what Marylanders are choosing to torrent. According to Movoto’s data-crunching, we are apparently fans of Russian gangster movies, medieval fantasy epics, and hacker video games.

The most popular torrented movie (relative to national averages) is Tokarev, aka Rage, a Russian crime thriller starring Nicolas Cage. The top TV show is Game of Thrones, HBO’s wildly popular pseud0-medieval sex-and-beheadings epic. And the top video game is Watch Dogs, an action-adventure game about a highly-skilled hacker in a fictionalized version of Chicago. I haven’t seen/played any of these things; maybe I need to ramp up my illegal downloading. (Note to MPAA: I kid! I kid!)

From these results, I guess we could conclude that Marylanders enjoy violence, whether it involves Russian mobsters or hackers or dragons. Or we could conclude that young men are the ones doing most of the downloading.

Readers: Do you download, legally or not?

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  1. I wouldn’t know how to download for free if my life depended on it. And even if I DID know how to do it, I’d be too scared that Big Brother would send a drone my way (yikes). I can’t speak for my four grown kids though — who knows what they get up to???

  2. Only my much younger nephews have the time & interest to download games or movies. I don’t even subscribe to HBO. Who has that sort of time?

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