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Maryland Couple Gets Bonus Scorpion in Bag of Spinach

A lone scorpion, via Wikimedia Commons

Three days after buying a bag of uncooked spinach at their local Giant, a Maryland couple discovered yesterday that it came with a rare bonus prize.

A Trader Joe’s in the Rotunda?


When Giant announced it was moving its supermarket out of the historic Rotunda in Hampden, many in the neighborhood bemoaned its imminent departure. Others saw an opportunity, namely to invite the sorta-organic, store-brand-heavy, quickly-expiring-produce-selling (come on, it’s true), aesthetically pleasing, and above all, inexpensive grocery chain Trader Joe’s to open in the soon-to-be-vacant location.

One such supermarket visionary decided to take it all the way and started a facebook page (with 898 likes and counting) that links to an online petition as well as Trader Joe’s’s (that can’t be right) own “location request” webform where Baltimoreans who are sick of driving to Towson can bring their demand to “Joe” himself.

If you decide to send a request to TJ’s, could you throw in something about making their check-out counters a little bigger? I mean, I can’t be the only who thinks that they are crazy small.

Harris Teeter to Toast Baltimore


Good news for grocery shoppers: Southern supermarket Harris Teeter is coming to Baltimore! The grocery chain will be setting up its two-story shop in McHenry Row at Locust Point this December. Doors are set to open on December 7, 2011, just in time for the holiday season. 

To sweeten the deal, rumor has it that the new downtown location will also be the first major supermarket in Baltimore to sell wine.  

With Harris Teeter’s low prices and commitment to broad organic selection and local produce, we’re sure Giant and Whole Foods aren’t thrilled about the news. We, on the other hand, cannot wait to get lost in the 61,000 square-foot location and bask in our savings, and our wine-stocked cart. We just hope parking isn’t a nightmare!