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Baltimore-Area Girl Scouts Camped Out at the White House

White House photo by Amanda Lucidon
White House photo by Amanda Lucidon

Sleep-away camp went to Washington this week. About 50 Girl Scouts camped out on the South Lawn of the White House, and a group of Baltimore-area scouts were among them. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama came down when he heard a commotion in the yard.

Girl Scouts Speak in Cecil County, Adults Yell Racial Insults at Them



Yesterday, Chesapeake Bay Girl Scout Troop 176 attended at a public meeting in Cecil County. The girls, ages 10 to 13, briefly about animal rights issues — the county’s animal control facility has been accused of mistreating animals — saying controversial things like “I felt really bad for the animals” and holding controversial signs like “save the animals.” And then adults–grown-ups!!–started yelling racial insults at the girls.

Baltimore is in the Middle of a Girl Scout Cookie Crisis



It’s been a rough winter here in Baltimore. Why not buy some Girl Scout cookies?

According to WJZ, the cold snap has put a deep freeze (sorry) on cookie sales, which are the Girl Scouts’ major annual fundraiser. According to the product sales director of Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, there are 152,000 unsold cookie boxes remaining in the region. That’s $600,000 missing from Girl Scout coffers — and more than a million sad, lonely cookies. And there’s only one week left in the official sale period