Baltimore is in the Middle of a Girl Scout Cookie Crisis

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It’s been a rough winter here in Baltimore. Why not buy some Girl Scout cookies?

According to WJZ, the cold snap has put a deep freeze (sorry) on cookie sales, which are the Girl Scouts’ major annual fundraiser. According to the product sales director of Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, there are 152,000 unsold cookie boxes remaining in the region. That’s $600,000 missing from Girl Scout coffers — and more than a million sad, lonely cookies. And there’s only one week left in the official sale period

So do your part, readers — find a Girl Scout, and buy two or three times the number of Thin Mints/Samoas/Tagalongs/Trefoils as you ordinarily would. It’s for a good cause! Girl Scouts will be selling cookies this Thursday on Stevenson University’s campus, and on Friday at Boscov’s in White Marsh.

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