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Kinderhook Brings Snacking at Work to Whole New Level



About two years ago, I started seeing Kinderhook Snacks popping up at some of my favorite spots like The Wine Source, Atwater’s, Trohv, Grand Cru and more. I was intrigued…and one bite into one of their triple ginger cookies, I was done. Done. And the salted chocolate chip cookies. And the cheese stamps. And chocolate chili cookies. I had to meet the people who make this ridiculousness.

Baltimore, You’ve Been Eating Inferior Girl Scout Cookies!

via the LA Times
via the LA Times

I remember buying Girl Scout cookies the first year I lived in Baltimore, and feeling… disappointed. The Thin Mints were too crunchy and tasted too minty. For some reason the Tagalongs were called Peanut Butter Patties, and they tasted wrong, too. I always assumed that the Girl Scouts had simply changed their recipe — until today, when I learned that Baltimore has been eating inferior Girl Scout cookies for years

First Old Bay Beer. Now Otterbein Cookie Beer?



Flying Dog’s Old Bay-flavored beer was a huge success this summer–but it was always intended as a special seasonal offering… and besides, Old Bay just somehow doesn’t taste as good in October. Luckily for fans of Baltimore flavors and seasonal beer, Flying Dog has a plan for this winter, too.

Rejoice, Baltimore Night Snackers- Midnight Fresh-Baked Cookie Delivery is Coming!

Photo via NYU Local
Photo via NYU Local

A common complaint that Johns Hopkins students have about Baltimore is the city’s lack of late-night dining options. Scratch that — it’s actually a common complaint among every college student, night owl, and midnight snacker in town. Lucky for us, a smart business has seen this hole in the market, and has rushed into fill it. Oh, Insomnia Cookies, we already love you.

Baltimore is in the Middle of a Girl Scout Cookie Crisis



It’s been a rough winter here in Baltimore. Why not buy some Girl Scout cookies?

According to WJZ, the cold snap has put a deep freeze (sorry) on cookie sales, which are the Girl Scouts’ major annual fundraiser. According to the product sales director of Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, there are 152,000 unsold cookie boxes remaining in the region. That’s $600,000 missing from Girl Scout coffers — and more than a million sad, lonely cookies. And there’s only one week left in the official sale period

Charm City Cook: Macarons vs. Macaroons


This Friday, May 31,  is National Macaroon Day. To honor the day, Food & Wine’s “People’s Best New Pastry Chef of 2012” and the Executive Pastry Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, Chris Ford is setting out to set the record straight and clarify the differences between the often confused confections: The macaroon and the French macaron.

While both are meringue-based confections, they hardly share any other similarities. A macaroon is Italian in origin, usually made of egg whites whipped to stuff peaks, sugar, almonds, coconut or nuts, and often dipped in chocolate. It’s much looser and does not take much discipline to make. To make the French macaron, on the other hand, is a much more intricate art, and it is a dessert that takes time and practice to perfect. A sandwich-like meringue-based confection, the French macaron is filled with a layer of buttercream, jam or ganache. It is often available in a variety of color and flavor combinations. My favorite ever is Chris’ PBJ macarons. They are perfection.

 Coconut macaroons. Photo credit: Pastry Studio

macarons PBJ
 French macaron. Photo credit: LAMILL Baltimore

After hearing about how hard macarons were to make, Chris Ford saw it as a challenge to begin not only making macarons, but perfecting them over the span of seven years. Today, Chris is held in high regard for pushing the envelope with his whimsical twists on classic French macarons like his Oreo macaron served at LAMILL Café Baltimore featured in The Wall Street Journal.

In honor of Macaroon Day, Chris will be offering a coconut macaroon-inspired French macaron at LAMILL Café, in the Four Seasons Baltimore.

And here is Chris Ford’s recipe for macarons:

Berger Cookie Factory Is Shut Down, But We Know One Place You Can Still Buy Them…



Thanks to a FDA report citing “violations” at the factory where Baltimore’s iconic Berger cookies are made, no one has been able to get their fudge-coated chewy cookie fix in Baltimore for several weeks now. (The city shut the factory down on January 31.) If you’re really desperate, though, we have one potential solution:

What We Can Learn from the Fells Pt. Candy Bar Thief



On New Year’s Eve last Monday, a few minutes before eight p.m., a 40-something man–5’10”, 170 pounds (read more at The Baltimore Sun)–strode through a Royal Farms in Fells Point tossing boxes of candy bars into a bag he’d brought from home.

“Are you stealing that?” asked the slack-jawed clerk.

“Yes,” replied the bold, weapon-free thief, who stole $180 worth of candy and still remains on the potentially sugar-spiked run this week.

An employee stood in his exiting path, but he merely pushed her aside. My semi-serious question for the guy: Did you perhaps intend to stop eating candy on January 1, and therefore binge wicked bad on 12/31?