Thanks to a FDA report citing “violations” at the factory where Baltimore’s iconic Berger cookies are made, no one has been able to get their fudge-coated chewy cookie fix in Baltimore for several weeks now. (The city shut the factory down on January 31.) If you’re really desperate, though, we have one potential solution:

Some anonymous, enterprising individual has listed a brand-new pack of Berger cookies (expiration date March 15!) on eBay for a mere $25 (local pickup only). “REFRIGERATOR STORED LEFT OVER FROM OUR SUPER BOWL PARTY,” the listing notes. There have been no offers yet, but there are still 5 days left to put in a bid.

The current status of the cookie factory is up in the air, but the City Paper has a good run down on what might happen next. (And, yes, we still maintain that no one outside Baltimore should be allowed to eat Berger cookies.)

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  1. I found a package of Berger cookies in our pantry the other day. The surprise put everyone in a great mood, even if they each had only one cookie.

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