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Smallpox Discovered in Maryland Storage Room. Oops.



Smallpox is a disease so virulent and deadly that it’s only allowed to be kept in two places on the entire planet, both of them regularly inspected by the World Health Organization. So when an FDA scientist found 16 vials containing the disease in a storage room in Bethesda, everyone was pretty surprised.

The FDA Might Ban Berger Cookies



Baltimore has a lot of problems — crime, poverty, drugs, ugly statues — but here’s one I think we can all get together on for some serious citizen activism: the FDA might ban Berger cookies. And we simply cannot allow that to happen.

Berger Cookie Factory Is Shut Down, But We Know One Place You Can Still Buy Them…



Thanks to a FDA report citing “violations” at the factory where Baltimore’s iconic Berger cookies are made, no one has been able to get their fudge-coated chewy cookie fix in Baltimore for several weeks now. (The city shut the factory down on January 31.) If you’re really desperate, though, we have one potential solution:

Maryland Girl Dies After Consuming Energy Drink


With names like Monster Assault and Monster Heavy Metal, the Monster Beverage company, a purveyor of icky energy drinks, isn’t exactly advertising itself as healthy or safe. But one hopes that drinking one can of a commonly-available, non-regulated, non-alcoholic beverage on two consecutive days wouldn’t KILL you. But fourteen year old Anais Fournier did just that, and then died of “cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity” the next day. Which is terrifying.