The FDA Might Ban Berger Cookies

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Baltimore has a lot of problems — crime, poverty, drugs, ugly statues — but here’s one I think we can all get together on for some serious citizen activism: the FDA might ban Berger cookies. And we simply cannot allow that to happen.

The problem is that the FDA is considering banning all trans fats. And, on its surface, that’s a great thing. Trans fats are frankly not good for you; banning them may prevent as many as 7,000 deaths each year, the FDA claims. But removing the trans fats from Berger cookies has proved to be trickier than expected. “We’ve tried [removing trans fats] and trust me, it is nasty. It doesn’t taste right,” Berger owner/president Charles DeBeaufre, Jr., told the Capital News Service. “The texture’s not there. It’s an entirely different product.”

DeBeaufre said that if the ban goes into effect, he’ll apply to the FDA for an exemption. But if it’s not granted, DeBeaufre fears that Berger will go out of business. So start buying up those cookies now, Baltimoreans.

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  1. Oh please leave the Berger Cookies alone! I’m about to deliver 6 packages of Bergers to Thanksgiving dinner in Virginia at the request of our hostess. She also asked that we bring Brussels Sprouts. Balanced meal, right? Whenever I visit friends in NY, they ask for Berger cookies. We all know they’ve got fat in them – that’s why we’ll be doing the Turkey Trot on Thursday.

  2. People need to be discipline! Eat trans fats in moderation! Don’t punish everyone because some people can’t stop eating food and don’t exercise. Some people, who run and exercise, like to treat themselves to a burger cookie. Guess what? We stay skinny. So to the FDA: why don’t you think about using all the funding to take away trans fat to providing a fitness and nutrition program for the dangerously obese?

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